Welcome to World Restoration Ministries!

The home of Agape.

World Restoration Ministries is a Christian ministry with a call from God for global transformation and restoration through the preaching of AGAPE, God’s unconditional and ever-reaching Love toward men.

We have been given a global mandate to disciple Christians in our generation, restoring them to the glory Jesus Christ finished for them and be a light to the gentiles and salvation to the ends of the earth.

Through daily outreaches and weekly church family fellowships, we experience the Word of God together as we reach out with the message of Agape.

Consistently, we approach and teach the word of God in ways that will equip you spiritually, socially, mentally and financially.

Ministry divisions include:

Restoration Church

World Restoration Center Church (WRCC) is an independent, non-governmental, non-partisan and not-for profit faith based organization. The Church, which is registered in Kampala, Uganda has been called to raise up a victorious generation of Christians with a deep knowledge of Jesus Christ and what He accomplished for them on the Cross.


The Agape Meetings are Love gatherings that have drawn men and women from all walks of life to hear, experience and receive God's unconditional love. These conventions, which take place every Wednesday online and at House of Prayer (Former FIDODIDO) in Kampala Uganda, have drawn Pastor Kagwiisa's largest crowds for months.


The Restoration Media world is a collection of several online digital channels and resources freely accessible on web, desktop and mobile devices. God's Word is truth and these materials will give you everything you need to grow! Pastor Dunstan has a special interest in these, himself, being a product of television ministry.


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