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Vision: "To raise up Christians in all Nations and restore them to the glory that Jesus Christ finished for them" and to be a light to the nations and for salvation to the ends of the earth. Mission: To teach all Christians the truth of who they are in Christ, and to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations

    AAbout Us

    We are a Christian ministry with a call from God for global transformation and restoration. We believe in the Bible as the infallible written and inspired Word of God. We believe in the undying love of and for God, His Word, His Church and His World. Our aim is excellence, significance & exploits in every field of life as we accompany each other in the maturing and flourishing of our faith, maximisation of our gifts and fulfillment of our unique purposes. Through daily outreaches and weekly church family fellowships, we experience the Word of God together as we reach out with the message of the Cross. God has given us a global mandate to disciple Christians in our generation, restoring them to the glory Jesus Christ finished for them and to be a light to the gentiles even for salvation to the ends of the earth. Consistently, we approach and teach the word of God in ways that will equip you spiritually, socially, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.

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    : +256787438282
    : P.O. Box 30777 Kampala-Uganda